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7 Tips for Starting a Direct Sales Business

7 Tips for Starting a Direct Sales Business

I have a confession! Several months ago, I fell in love with a product. I fell in love with it SO much that I decided to start sharing it with friends. Then my friends wanted to try the products also! It just so happen that this product was part of a direct sales business (or MLM) and I’ve always been super skeptical of MLM businesses. However, I went for it– and I’m actually doing really well with it– mostly because I think this product that I love so much pretty much sells itself! Not to mention, this company is very generous with their commission structure. In the 4 months that I’ve been in the business I’ve already made $800 a month consistently.  Curious? I don’t want to share just yet– but I will soon.

Have you ever been curious about direct sales? You may have gone to direct sales parties in the past, and wondered how you too can make money selling items from home. The truth is, direct sales businesses can be a great way for you to work from home and earn a nice income, while selling well known products such as Scentsy, Avon, Jamberry, Tastefully Simple, It Works, and other brands. 

If you are ready to earn an income from home while working with some trusted brands, take a look below at 7 tips for starting a direct sales business. You will find that spearheading your own direct sales business can be a fun adventure that in the end earns you a nice profit!

A lot of people think that Direct sales or MLM’s are “pyramid schemes”– while not ALL direct sales companies can be trusted, i strongly suggest that you do your research on the company you are interested in. Also, this is a great video that might just change your mind about MLM companies 🙂

1. Find a trusted company.
Some direct sale brands have been in the business for decades. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Young Living.. etc. are all brands that have passed the test of time. Finding a brand that has established trust with its consumers and sellers is key. Be sure to research any brand you are considering to see if they are trusted, established, and align with your own values.

2. Be prepared to invest.
When you start selling direct sale products, you will have to invest your own money to begin. This often means spending around $50-$100 on a start up kit, sample materials, sample products, brochures, and business cards. Be prepared to put a little money into your business to get it up and running. Don’t forget these start up costs can however be deducted on your taxes.

3. Get familiar with the product.
Take some time to get familiar with the products you will be selling. Test them out in your home, talk to other sellers and consumers, attend parties of other sellers, and do all you can to be knowledgeable on what you are selling. Attend any conferences that the company may offer as well!

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4. Get active on social media.
Get active on social media so people know about your business. Start a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page to show off your products, advertise sales and specials, and host contents to get users active. This is also a great way for the public to reach you if they are interested in placing an order or hosting a party.

5. Offer starter incentives.
Offer some incentives to start your business off right. Offer freebies for hostesses to host a party, give free samples to friends to entice them to try the product, or offer a get together in your home for people to sample products. These starter incentives are a great way to get people interested and get your name out there. Think about it– if you can give up a little bit of your commission to get a friend to sign up in exchange for some educational material or extra product, its totally worth it! Some commission is better than NONE! Plus, depending on your commission structure you might get kick backs for future orders.

6. Take advantage of your team leader.
In direct sales, you often sign up under a team leader. This person should act as your guide and help you navigate the business. Be sure to take advantage of your team leader and ask questions, be open to suggestions, and invite them to shadow you and see how you can best improve your business. Chances are they will have a lot to offer you!

7. Be professional!
Above all, be professional. You are running your own business now and everything you do reflects on you. Be timely, courteous, honest, and value your customers. By doing so, you will earn their trust and get plenty of return sales.

By following these tips, you can start a direct sales business and start seeing income in no time! Give these tips a try when diving into the world of direct sales and see what a difference they can make.

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